Your BodyMind Bridge Session


What will my session be like?


Your BodyMind Bridge session begins with a thorough “Innerview” with your BMB Practitioner, during which you will hone your intent and your optimum outcome for your session. You will then lie comfortably on a massage table where you remain fully clothed and covered with a warm blanket.


Based on the intent you spoke during your Innerview, you will be gently guided into a deeper part of your mind that is highly creative. This is a pleasant and relaxing experience.  At all times, you are and in full control, aware of the room, and speaking with your practitioner.  Your practitioner will be guiding you to explore your own inner wisdom, where you will access the healing information you seek.  Using several imagery based techniques, you will be able to discover your own vital information from your deeper mind that can:


  • ease or eliminate your undiagnosed chronic pain
  • release anxiety and trauma that has been held in your body
  • shift old behaviors (that once served you) but have now become life-diminishing   


How can I prepare for my session?

Simply arrive on the day of your session with an intent for what you want to shift in your life experience.  In  other words, what is your optimum outcome for the session?  We'll begin there.  


Your session will require up to 2 hours, and I highly recommend that you include some quiet time afterwards to integrate all the new information that you will be giving yourself.  Two to three hours is best.  Gift yourself time to reflect, perhaps journal, or enjoy a walk in a park, forest, or any natural area.


The Debrief after your Session


Your BodyMind Bridge session will mark a significant beginning of more healing to come.  In other words, your session often allows the release of old beliefs or emotion, and this release reverberates quietly throughout your physical body as it reorganizes at the cellular level.  (To know more about Release and Reorganization, scroll down.) 


We also also follow up with you via email a few days later.




You can experience your BodyMind BridgeTM  Session either In Person at our office, or Long Distance via phone from the convenience of your own home.         


In Person:   Length of Session is approx. 2 hours

Fee is set independently by each BodyMind Bridge Practitioner.



Zoom BodyMind BridgeTM Session       Length of Session is ~ 2 Hours

Fee is set independently by each BodyMind Bridge Practitioner.                                                            


This right brain technology is so efficient and maleable that we can orchestrate a full BodyMind BridgeTM session with you from the comfort of your home.  You will need a headset with microphone and a quiet space where you will remain uninterrupted for the duration of your session.





…after your BodyMind Bridge Session



                    Release and Reorganization


After your session, you may enter a period of time we know as Release and Reorganization.

These releases can happen in your physical body, in your thoughts, and/or in your emotions


Here is how your self-healing continues:

Whenever you move beyond the threshold of what you have done before, in your beliefs and behavior and how you relate to yourself and to others - you automatically ignite releases in your entire being. 

This completes the healing process!


After your BodyMind Bridge session, your physical body begins to jettison old restrictive energy.  Your cells need time to reorganize so they can receive and integrate the higher frequency energies of love and acceptance that you have consciously activated.


First, your body/mind/emotions release the old stagnant energies, and then have to reorganize to accommodate the new!  The intelligence of the Creative Divine Mind does this for you automatically.  You just have to know how to recognize a release when it happens.


Release can happen in 3 dimensions of being:


            1. Mental Releases  (you may experience old thoughts.)

            2. Emotional Releases (you may feel old emotions and experiences new ones)

            3. Physical Releases  (congestion, soft trembling, ringing in ears, nausea, flu-like symptoms, etc.)                                                                                                             


The Key is to Recognize that the thought, emotion, or physical symptom you are experiencing is just a release.


Do not buy in to the idea that “something is wrong” or that you are “getting sick”.  Give your bodymind some time to reorganize on all levels of your being!


That’s it.  Do this, and your brilliant body and soul will do the rest.


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