The BodyMind Bridge
The BodyMind Bridge 

The Cliff Notes:


Our Healthy Beta Mind reminds us that we are a resourceful adult who has much life experience and wisdom in the outer world. 


Our healthy adult mind realizes that a hurting younger self is wisely using symptoms that are felt in present time to draw attention to the past energies.


We then choose to return for our younger self, to build a relationship with him/her and provide care. 


And finally, we invite this young one home, to live as a presence in our own chest, our heart space.


We journey into the hidden places deep inside, and lovingly guide our younger self to join us in the human world.





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BodyMind Bridge is a breakthrough healing experience that unites the deep Alpha/Theta level of your mind that is located in every cell of your body with your conscious Beta level of mind.  

This "Bridge" of awareness helps you understand the source of the symptom that you hold and feel in your body, and you receive the information you need to release it.

As kids, we did the most amazing thing.  When we felt fear, if it wasnt safe to say it out loud, we hid it inside us.  

This is a brilliant survival mechanism that gets us through the tough times and all the way to adulthood.

The hope being, that once we are grown up, our adult self will know what to do with all that fear still hanging around.

But most don't link that frightened child with all the anxiety and depression (and related physical symptoms) they endure each adult day.

In a BodyMind Bridge session, you are gently led into Alpha/Theta where the enduring energy of your child lives; you then can see him/her, love her/him, and invite her home.

That hurting child wants to come out of the shadows and into the world.

A BodyMind Bridge Session shows you how to access and release

deep source conflict.

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