The BodyMind Bridge
The BodyMind Bridge 



I have to tell you, after our session, I have been virtually free of anxiety, I have laughed more often and more boisterously than I have in a long time, and I realize that I am experiencing a lot more compassion and acceptance of myself. I've been able to except love and kindness more freely and fully. I could go on and on, but I cannot thank you enough for the work that you helped me do.

- Danielle S.  Olympia, WA  




I can say that I truly feel that you helped me more in a few minutes then anything ever has. No drugs or anything at all. I have been on pills and seen people for years

and nothing ever helped until I tried a BodyMind Bridge session. I feel so much more integrated inside me.  Its hard to explain, but I'm free of a lot of old stuff that I was holding onto.

-C. Taylor  Kitsap Penninsula, WA



I had persistent hip pain that nobody could diagnose, had great bodywork etc.that helped some, but it kept coming back. That's why I booked a BodyMind Bridge Session.  With Shuna's help, I was able to access my Alha/Theta mind, and from that inner place, I was able to communicate with the pain in my hip. I learned it was connected to my ex-husband!  I had stuffed all of my emotions when we split, and was still letting him control me, to the point whee my body literally couldn't move forward!


During the session, I decided to forgive him, and told him I wasnt going to let him control me anymore.  There was more to the session, but the short version is that my hip is free from pain and has been for over two weeks now.  And I can go back to my home town now without being afraid of running into him.

-Samantha D.  Olympia WA



I am doing well. The session felt very profound and has been on my mind a lot. This morning in yoga I experienced feeling a lot of peace and compassion toward my dad … and I also was more flexible in my hips than I have been in a while. I have been doing a lot of physical work on that area as well, yet writing to you and connecting those two things, that feels like our session was definitely a part of it.

-M.G. Tacoma WA



The day after my BMB session, the pain I felt in my left shoulder 90% of my waking hours is now completely gone. And, all that severe stomach pain I have had for years, day and night,  is also gone!  I feel as though my fascia is resetting, if that's even possible. And I see myself differently. I experience myself differently. I've noticed my blood pressure has lowered and my posture has improved. And I am so, so grateful.

- K. Nelson  Westport, WA


BodyMind Bridge is a breakthrough healing experience that unites the deep Alpha/Theta level of your mind that is located in every cell of your body with your conscious Beta level of mind.  

This "Bridge" of awareness helps you understand the source of the symptom that you hold and feel in your body, and you receive the information you need to release it.

As kids, we did the most amazing thing.  When we felt fear, if it wasnt safe to say it out loud, we hid it inside us.  

This is a brilliant survival mechanism that gets us through the tough times and all the way to adulthood.

The hope being, that once we are grown up, our adult self will know what to do with all that fear still hanging around.

But most don't link that frightened child with all the anxiety and depression (and related physical symptoms) they endure each adult day.

In a BodyMind Bridge session, you are gently led into Alpha/Theta where the enduring energy of your child lives; you then can see him/her, love her/him, and invite her home.

That hurting child wants to come out of the shadows and into the world.

A BodyMind Bridge Session shows you how to access and release

deep source conflict.

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