Private Coaching

   with Shuna


Currently, all sessions are via Zoom


This is a tailored-to-you coaching experience designed for people who are ready to roll up their sleeves and participate fully in their own  self-healing.

  • Want to learn to meditate? I will mentor you into a mindful meditation master!  
  • Need to release chronic pain? I'll show you how to hear your body's intelligence and the larger purpose of your pain,    and how to release it.
  •  Ready to lift yourself out of depression?  Depression, anxiety or phobias began when you were younger.  I will teach you how to contact that younger self and love her out of your emotinal health challenges.


These are examples of a long list that you can resolve with my guidance.



Each 1 hour session includes an Innerview to pinpoint the immediate issue that wants to heal, plus a BodyMind Bridge experience in your deep creative mind where you are in control of any decisions you want to make in your inner world.


This is deeply healing work.  You will challenge yourself, meet and become an ally with your creative deeper mind, set your intent, track your progress, and reap the rewards of your heart-felt desire for lasting change in your life.  Be assured that you will be doing the inner work, and I will be your guide as you navigate each step of your chosen journey.


  1 hour $65                                


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