The BodyMind Bridge
The BodyMind Bridge 

Shuna Morelli  MSEd, LMP, CHi


Shuna has developed the BodyMind Bridge System of Healing over the past decade, combining her love and amazement of our human body with her fascination of all things related to our human consciousness.  


She is a master teacher, massage therapist, counselor, and explorer of our innate Alpha and Theta bandwidth of awareness, utilizing what is known as the gentle, all inclusive 3rd generation of hypnotherapy. 


There comes a time in many people's life when they simply know that the source of their distress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain etc. is something "deep inside."

Many have been looking outside themselves for someone to fix their ailment, and to no avail.  


This is when many begin to understand that their ultimate healing is "an inside job." Something in their spirit wants to come into the world. These are the people who find Shuna, and BodyMind Bridge.


A BodyMind Bridge session is approx. 2 hours.  My fee is $160


Call Shuna for a free 20 minute consultation.


Contact Shuna at



Brandi Edinger LMP CH


Brandi Edinger is a Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Certified Bodymind Bridge Practitioner.  Coming from a family of intuitives, Brandi is a healer and teacher, but mostly considers herself simply a fellow traveler in love with this human experience. 


She is honored to help you access the deeper wisdom of your body and your Creative Divine Mind and delighted to empower you to make any shift you would like in your life, to release obstacles, to heal your symptoms, and to move forward in a joyful and intentional way through your Bodymind Bridge experience .


Are you ready to access your extraordinary potential?  Come, be heard.  Connect with your internal guidance and your highest self.  You already have all your answers inside of you. 


Brandi is available for your session either in person or as a long distance facilitator.


Contact Brandi at





Joanna Free, M.Ed.

Certified BodyMind Bridge Practitioner | Specialty: BodyMind Bridge for Tobacco Cessation / Stopping Smoking



Hi, I’m Joanna and my specialty is tobacco cessation.  Here at the BodyMind Bridge Institute, I combine twenty+ years of experience in the treatment of addiction with my training and skill as a BodyMind Bridge Practitioner. 


I was a long-time tobacco user myself, starting at age 12.  By age 14 I was up to a pack a day. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to stop smoking; at times I wasn’t sure I wanted to stop. I’d tried unsuccessfully so many times.  It felt so much a part of who I was and how I dealt with virtually everything.


The key is finding enough of and the right support to get free.  Fact is, I needed much more support than I wanted to admit and give myself for the buttkicking process.  I spent years being hard on myself - and stingy with myself when it came to self-care - which is not an effective combination for change!


Through your BodyMind Bridge session, we’ll help you connect your intention to kick tobacco with your own body’s wisdom.  We’ll talk about additional resources for you, too.


One BodyMind Bridge session with Joanna Free:  $225 includes a preliminary assessment, the Innerview, the BodyMind Bridge session, and additional resource information to gain and sustain your freedom from tobacco.


Schedule your BodyMind Bridge session with Joanna by contacting Shuna at: 253-355-4065. 
Questions for Joanna?  email:

Special Offer: For each friend you refer who also has a BodyMind Bridge session, you will receive 20% off a subsequent session. So, five friends you refer who also follow through could equal one free session for you.


Ray Graber  CPT, LMP, CH


Ray is a Certified Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in sports massage and injury treatment, and Certified BodyMind Bridge practitioner.


In addition, he is a CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist) FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist)- all awarded by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


Ten years ago he had everything he thought he wanted and was happy selling insurance from a home-based business. Then he lost his health. Since then, Ray has dedicated thousands of hours restoring his own health by helping others heal.  His experience with BodyMind Bridge helped him identify the path to his own healing success, and now he wants to share this opportunity of deep healing with you.


Ray utilizes his knowledge from the fitness industry and incorporates it with the ideals and techniques used in BodyMind Bridge. He has seen extraordinary shifts in the mindset of his clients, and has watched them overcome mental blocks that had hindered their progress for years. 


Ray is available for your session either in person or as a long distance facilitator.


Contact Ray at

253-343-3959 (coming soon)

Rachael Ryan B.S. LMP CH


Rachael is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified BodyMind Bridge Practitioner practicing in Sedona, Arizona. 


Using the BodyMind Bridge Method of deep source healing, Rachael guides you to become aware of the genius and infinite intelligence within you, and to invite your younger self to come into the world and play! 


Rachael’s own experience has taught her that when we empower ourselves and connect deeply with our Spirit, we can achieve healing in all areas of our life.


Rachael is available to assist you to release chronic pain

and old fear that keeps you from moving forward in your life.


Contact Rachael at



Deborah Jordan, M.Ed., L.M.H.C., C.H.


Deborah is a licensed mental health counselor and BodyMind Bridge Practitioner in downtown Tacoma who specializes in working with people affected by trauma, anxiety and depression. She makes use of a variety of therapy interventions and belief systems; energy, spirit, brain research, and a reliance on the guiding voice of the body.


“I love how BodyMind Bridge informs what I do and emphasizes healing and strength rather than pathology, or on the critical messages in our head that so often separate us from ourselves.”


BodyMind Bridge is an exciting part of Deborah’s work.  She loves being able to delicately guide the client back to his or her own truth using the right brain technology of her BodyMind Bridge training.


“There is so much in the world that competes for authority in our minds, and it can be a challenge to listen and learn from our own inner wisdom.  For me, it is exciting to be present with my clients when that inner wisdom becomes their guide, and external sources are no longer in charge.”


Deborah is delighted to help you explore and discover your own path that will surprise you and serve you well. 


Contact Deborah at


1102 South A Street 
Suite 416 
Tacoma, WA 98402 



BodyMind Bridge is a breakthrough healing experience that unites the deep Alpha/Theta level of your mind that is located in every cell of your body with your conscious Beta level of mind.  

This "Bridge" of awareness helps you understand the source of the symptom that you hold and feel in your body, and you receive the information you need to release it.

As kids, we did the most amazing thing.  When we felt fear, if it wasnt safe to say it out loud, we hid it inside us.  

This is a brilliant survival mechanism that gets us through the tough times and all the way to adulthood.

The hope being, that once we are grown up, our adult self will know what to do with all that fear still hanging around.

But most don't link that frightened child with all the anxiety and depression (and related physical symptoms) they endure each adult day.

In a BodyMind Bridge session, you are gently led into Alpha/Theta where the enduring energy of your child lives; you then can see him/her, love her/him, and invite her home.

That hurting child wants to come out of the shadows and into the world.

A BodyMind Bridge Session shows you how to access and release

deep source conflict.

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