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As part of your bio-design, you came into this world fully equipped to self-heal.  

With our guidance, you do your own inner work!  Nobody else can do that work for you. 


 You will have direct access to the healer in you, and receive information from your intelligent body about how you specifically can assist yourself to heal.  This is part of your birthright - to know how to use the profound gift that is your BodyMind connection!








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What is BodyMind Bridge and how can it help me?


Imagine having direct access with the part of your deeper awareness that knows how to release  exactly what has been hindering your healing.  You no longer need an intermediary such as a priest, shaman, doctor, or guru to gain access to your sacred inner world and the ability to initiate your own healing!


 Your Certified BodyMind Bridge Practitioner will guide you to your own answers and to your own healing.  S/he is trained to hear your story- the long journey you have been on to find peace in your body and mind. 


In your BodyMind Bridge session, your BodyMind Bridge Practitioner will guide your awareness into a focused and relaxed state of mind.  Here, while in your deeper awareness, you have access to all the wisdom and relevant information you need to heal.   This is where your inner healing begins!


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As kids, we did the most amazing thing.  When we felt fear, if it wasn't safe to tell someone, we literally hid that fear inside us.  

This is a brilliant survival mechanism that gets us through the tough times and all the way to adulthood. The hope being, that once we are grown up, our adult self will know what to do with all that fear still hanging around.


But most don't link that frightened child with all the anxiety and depression (and related physical symptoms) they endure each adult day.


In a BodyMind Bridge session, you are gently led into Alpha/Theta where the enduring energy of your child lives; you then can see him/her, love her/him, and invite her home.

That hurting child wants to come out of the shadows and into the world.





BodyMind Bridge is a breakthrough healing experience that unites the deep Alpha/Theta level of your mind that is located within every cell of your body, with your conscious beta mind.


This bridging of your awareness helps you understand the source of the symptom that you hold and feel in your body, and you receive the information you need to release it.

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